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Demographic Profile: Statistics Canada 2016

Grand Falls-Windsor is a safe, family-oriented and business friendly community, the hub of the Exploits Valley in harmony with its neighbouring communities. Our population continues to grow and is currently at 14,171, based on the 2016 Census information.

The Economic Development Department has adopted the above Vision Statement to guide the overall efforts and objectives of the Town's development efforts. This Vision reflects the Town's current status as well as our goals in economic development and all areas. Its main principles – quality of life and regional leadership – are strong themes reflected in our original economic development strategy “Gateway to the New Millennium”.

Organizing for economic development means anticipating and preparing for challenges. The first challenge for the Economic Development Department was to implement the “Gateway” Strategy. That included the Plan's recommendations on strategic goals, strategies and ways to measure progress.

The Department has adopted the comprehensive and ambitious three-year Work Plan for Community Economic Development outlined in the Report and continued to use it as a guide for current Goals and Objectives. This Work Plan divides activities into the five functional areas:

  1. Economic Infrastructure Planning

    These activities are those that must be accomplished before economic development can take place – they are the foundation on which future economic development will take place. This includes development of specific strategies for Grand Falls-Windsor's priority economic sectors - Tourism, Education, Forestry, Service, Retail, and Information Technology – as well as a review of municipal development by-laws and ordinances, and other activities.

  2. Business Development, Marketing and Promotion

    These activities focus on the attraction of new business and the marketing of existing businesses and the community as a whole. This includes promotional materials, local awareness activities, and specific events such as an economic development conference for “Twin Town” communities.

  3. Business Community Cooperation

    These activities focus on keeping the business community informed and meeting their needs. This includes meetings with groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, the area MHA and provincial Cabinet. It also features organizing workshops and seminars for the local business community, a communications program featuring a quarterly economic development newsletter, and a business awards program.

  4. Regional Cooperation

    With Grand Falls-Windsor's stature in the region, this function plays a key role in our economic development efforts. Participating in the Municipalities NL (MNL) Regional Economic Development Accord and continuing our support for regional economic development projects such as the aquaculture industry, and the mining sector are important components of this part of the Action Plan.

  5. Human & Financial Resources

    To implement the Economic Development Strategy, the department is staffed with a full-time Economic Development Officer, a Business Development Officer, and a Cranberry Project Manager. The Department is located on the second floor of the Town Hall on 5 High Street.

    Council is the catalyst for economic development.

    The Grand Falls-Windsor Town Council's role in economic development is to provide a strong leadership using all available resources to foster, develop and support business growth directly within Grand Falls-Windsor. The Town is responsible for developing promotional materials and undertaking business prospecting pertaining to our unique development strategies.

    In general terms the Town Council will perform the functions and provide the services needed for economic growth and development in Grand Falls-Windsor.

    Council will foster partnerships with other communities in the Exploits region as well. Council must continue to recognize that economic viability of neighboring communities will support continued growth in Grand Falls-Windsor. Grand Falls-Windsor's strength as a community will help the entire Exploits region achieve the desired economic and employment growth.